Don’t let rogue traders take your waste

When it comes to waste management, cheap removal is sometimes too good to be true. If you have household or construction waste, don’t fall into the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ trap.

The hidden cost of cheap removal

Everyone loves a bargain, so you could be forgiven for being tempted by rogue traders who offer to remove a full load for a low price. However, this can be a very dangerous and expensive attitude to have.

Fly tipping is one of the most costly problems we face in waste management, both financially and environmentally. It is strictly illegal, but this does not stop rogue traders who are in for quick cash. Fly tipping simply means dumping waste anywhere that is not a specially designated zone. People who fly tip don’t care where they pollute; they prioritise their pockets over everyone’s wellbeing.

Environmental Agency crackdown

Rogue traders will dump anything including builders waste and chemical products. This can do severe harm to the area that it is dropped in. It can poison plants and animals, and chemicals can work their way into the soil and water in the area. Waste management is a specialist service which requires expertise and specialist systems to safely handle some products. Fly tipping is incredibly selfish and ruins the environment for us, and generations to come.

Because of this, the Environment Agency, a government body, has begun cracking down on anyone irresponsible enough to fly tip. This includes both rogue traders and lazy individuals who try to dump a mattress in a field. Fines can be up to £400, with repeat offenders finding themselves in court and £50,000 out of pocket. If your waste is tipped by a rogue trader, you can be held liable for it. Suddenly a bargain removal turns into a very expensive legal headache. 

In 2019 local councils dealt with one million fly tipping incidents 

These criminals don’t only dump in empty fields. They are opportunistic and have been known to block entire country lanes and quiet roads. This means that, sooner or later, your area could suffer. Ambulances and fire engines have to find longer routes, or sometimes can’t access houses at all because of fly tipping. Nobody wants to imagine their kids playing in rubbish filled streets, or their house losing value because of it. Councils also have to spend time, money, and manpower cleaning up after rogue traders. These resources are badly needed and better spent elsewhere. 

Use reputable waste removal businesses

Not only can you find great deals, but there will be no unforeseen fines or court dates. Legitimate waste removal companies will never fly tip, there are too many consequences. On top of this, they care about the environment; it’s a fundamental part of the business. Besides, a good waste removal company will never need to fly tip. They have relationships with various commercial recycling centres to help dispose of waste ecologically and properly. 

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Of course, fly tipping is only part of the global battle against waste. The three Rs should be your guiding principle at home. Reduce the waste you create. This means not buying unnecessary replacements for things you have at home, and consuming mindfully. When there is less waste produced, there is less waste being fly tipped by rogue traders. Reuse things instead of throwing them away. If you only reuse one part of a large product, that is still less waste being made. Finally recycle. Not everything can be recycled at home, which is why it is important to use legitimate waste removal companies who have access to industrial recycling facilities.

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