How to dismantle your wardrobe: a step-by-step guide

Whether moving house or just cleaning up space, we have all had to dismantle a wardrobe or cupboard. Doing so effectively makes it easier to recycle the wood and metal components.

1: remove the doors 

These are attached by two metal hinges and normally secured by a Phillips screw. Then remove the hinges from the side panels.

2: lift away shelving and drawers 

Shelves do not tend to be secured with screws or nails, and can be lifted straight out. If your cupboard has drawers, remember to unscrew the drawer runners from the side panels. 

3: take off the clothes rail

To do this you may need to remove the support brackets on either side which are screwed in place.

4: pull away the top and bottom of the wardrobe

This is easier if you rotate the wardrobe so its back is on the floor. The base and top of wardrobes and cupboards are usually attached by dowel joints. Make sure you pull away from the joint.

5: remove the side panels

With your wardrobe still on its back, lift away the side panels from the back. They may be attached with dowel joints or by small nails.

6: manage your waste

Many of the panels of your old wardrobe can be recycled. Most councils don’t accept wood in recycling bags, so make sure to call a reliable waste management company. Rogue traders could end up dumping your waste illegally and dangerously. 

You could also use your spare materials for DIY projects at home and in the garden. Doors and drawers can be reused to make trendy bedside tables, and panels can be turned into raised beds for your plants.

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